New Netflix Series Will Blow Your Mind in Just 8 Episodes – Must Watch!

Heads up, you’re in for a shocker! Netflix has just released a fresh Spanish drama that’s bound to stir your emotions. Here’s what you need to know about “Raising Voices,” featuring the stars from “Against the Grain” and “Through My Window.”

Netflix’s latest series is sure to spark conversation. This Spanish drama, spread across 8 episodes, is likely to upset audiences with its dark and challenging narrative, focusing on the contemporary issues of harassment and sexual violence against women.

The new Netflix series opening the floor to teenage voices on sexual and sexist violence

This show, advised for those over 16, revolves around a rape incident. Alma, a 17-year-old high schooler, is backed by her friends Greta and Nata. Despite such support, she’s going through typical teenage turmoil: feeling left out, jealousy, family issues, and even toxic relationships.


Things take a turn when the social media account @Iam_colemanmiller posts a photo with the caption: “This was me before I was raped”. Through an investigation and flashbacks, the series answers many questions: When and how did this assault take place? Who is behind this account? Is this assertion true and if so, who is the victim?

Over the past few years, in the wake of the #MeToo movement, various shows have tackled the subject of violence against women, each from a different angle. Some are very personal, some are autobiographical, some are political. These series have helped break down many taboos and facilitate necessary discussions.

  • Sexual Assault: These series that accurately depict victim experiences

Released on May 31 on Netflix, “Raising Voices” seems to want to join this category, addressing the issues of sexual assault, consent, and teenagers’ attitudes towards pornography to a young audience.

Like “13 Reasons Why,” this Spanish series, based on Miguel Sáez Carral’s novel, presents the unfolding events through the eyes of a traumatized heroine and various flashbacks leading to the truth.

Right from the first scene, where Alma hangs up a banner in her school saying “Beware, a rapist is hiding here”, it’s clear that the series will be hard to watch but the message is essential. This aligns with the original title of the show: “Ni una más”, which translates to “Not one more”.


A cast of new stars adored by the young audience

Beyond the plot and message of the series, “Raising Voices” can rely on a cast of rising Spanish stars who are popular among young viewers to attract a large audience to Netflix.

Viewers will recognize Clara Galle, the star of the trilogy “Through My Window,” as well as Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara from the movie “Against the Grain.” The latter was a massive hit for Prime Video, the most successful local original non-English language film in its history, which will have two sequels.


Joining the cast are familiar faces from Spanish television, including Eloy Azorín, known from “Grand Hotel” and “Alta Mar,” and Ruth Díaz, seen in “Hospital Central.” Rounding out the cast is Iván Massagué, who starred in “The Platform,” one of Netflix’s biggest hits, and “Against the Grain.”

The series “Ni una más” is available on Netflix.

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