Ryan Gosling’s Shocking Cameo in ‘The Fall Guy’ Live Show at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Ryan Gosling, famous for his role in “The Fall Guy,” and director David Leitch recently made an unexpected appearance at a new show themed around “The Fall Guy” at Universal Studios Hollywood. They entertained the crowd with a humorous narrative about a director pushing his crew to perform ever more complex stunts.

Adventure watercraft perform flips, explosions propel actors into the air, and if you’re seated in the front rows, you may find a hot piece of flying rubber landing near your leg. It’s all part of the fun. One of the show’s favorite lines is, “This is a live show based on a movie, based on a TV show, based on a stuntman.”

The pre-show spectacle, titled “The Fall Guy Stuntacular Pre-Show,” can be viewed before the park’s widely-loved “WaterWorld” show until May 19. This event was brought to life in collaboration with 87North Productions, co-founded by Leitch, who was a stuntman himself, and producer Kelly McCormick. The concept for the show was conceived by Leitch and his team during a visit to the theme park the previous year.

“We presented David O’Connor at Universal with an image of various iconic scenes from our movie integrated within the ‘WaterWorld’ set and he responded with enthusiasm, ‘We are pitching this to parks. It’s awesome!’ We then began to develop it together,” Leitch explained.

From the moment he learned about the pre-show, Gosling was eager to participate, Leitch stated, and a unique script was prepared ahead of their live appearance at the park.

Leitch shared a funny anecdote about Gosling telling him that he stole the show, “but I’m pretty confident that’s not true,” the director quipped.

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Stunt performers have been gaining more recognition with the release of “The Fall Guy,” which also stars Emily Blunt. The story revolves around a behind-the-scenes stuntman who is suddenly asked to locate the missing actor he regularly stands in for.

Despite the film not having the most successful debut at the box office, the renewed public fascination for the challenging, unheralded world of stunt performers remains undimmed. This has led some industry insiders to suggest that the movie serves as the best case for establishing an Oscar category for stunts.

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