Breaking News! The Hottest Sci-Fi Show Right Now Just Got Renewed for Season 2!

Prime Video didn’t hesitate to renew Fallout for a second season. This retro-futuristic science fiction show will be making a comeback, much to the delight of its fans.

It was only a matter of time before Prime Video gave Fallout the green light for a second season. This decision was reportedly made well before the first season’s episodes premiered last April 11, as revealed in this article. It shows that Amazon has already received 25 million dollars in tax credits from California for filming the series’ sequel.

The excellent critical feedback and viewing figures seem to justify Prime Video’s decision to renew Fallout, which cost them a whopping 153 million dollars. A crazy budget, but necessary for a show based on a video game franchise that takes place in a post-apocalyptic and retro-futuristic world where humans encounter genetically modified monsters… and ghouls.

So, what exactly is a ghoul?

What’s changing in Fallout’s second season

The conclusion of episode 8, which we dissect here, paved the way for a second season by introducing a new location familiar to Fallout players. As filming moves from New York and Utah to California, the characters will also find themselves in a new setting: the Mojave desert, a barren expanse likely filled with numerous dangers (and new creatures).

While the ghoul/Cooper (Walter Goggins) and Lucy (Ella Purnell) chase after Hank (Kyle Maclachlan) to find out where the rest of management and possibly the former’s family are hiding, new characters will be introduced into the universe. The budget for this second season is again close to 150 million dollars. Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan will once again be at the helm.

Fallout’s second season is expected to launch on Prime Video in 2026.

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