Bad Boys Star Martin Lawrence Shocks Fans: He’s Healthier Than Ever!

Renowned comedian Martin Lawrence recently confirmed that he is in good health, dispelling rumors circulating about his well-being.

The 59-year-old comedic actor, recognized for his role in the “Bad Boys” series, assured fans in a recent discussion that his health is not a concern. This comes after a video clip of Lawrence leaning on his co-star, Will Smith, during the Hollywood premiere of “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” caught public attention. The video showcases Lawrence holding onto Smith’s hand while introducing the “Black Knight” actor to their fans off-stage.

The video was captioned with the phrase, “There is something going on with Martin,” leading to speculation about Lawrence’s health.

Prior to this event in Los Angeles, fans expressed their worry about Lawrence’s health on YouTube, commenting under the “Bad Boys” duo’s interview on “Extra” that was released a fortnight ago. One user expressed, “I’m worried about our brother Martin,” while another wrote, “Martin is NOT ok. Get well Marty Mar.”

However, Lawrence put these rumors to rest on Tuesday during a chat with Hot 97 radio host, Ebro Darden. He stated that there was “no need for people to be concerned.”

“I’m as fit as a fiddle, stop the rumors,” he affirmed.

While on Hot 97, Lawrence and Smith discussed their careers and the genesis of the “Bad Boys” series. The fourth movie of the franchise is set to premiere on Friday. Film critic Katie Walsh remarked in her review that the latest “installment leans towards the silly side.”

Walsh further commented, “It’s a fragile lore with some novel creative accents, but with no genuine interest in character development, it seems weak and forgettable. While it’s not the worst, it could definitely be better.”

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Lawrence is looking forward to a busy summer schedule. Apart from “Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” he will commence his first comedy tour in the last eight years. His tour named ‘Y’all Know What It Is!’ will begin on July 20 in Chandler, Arizona and will conclude at the Arena on December 6.

Lawrence expressed to Hot 97 that stand-up comedy has been his “lifesaver” as it gives his fans a glimpse of his perspective on the world.

“I’m extremely grateful that I have the privilege to go out and perform stand-up to an audience anytime I want,” he stated. “My fans are always there for me. I have a committed audience – akin to Beyoncé’s beehive.”

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