House of The Dragon Star in Netflix’s New Teen Series Geek Girl – What’s the Hype About?

The British 10-episode series, Geek Girl, has been made available on Netflix since May 30, offering a humorous and light-hearted insight into the world of fashion.

What’s the Story About?

Harriet, an awkward teenager, has always wanted to fit in. However, a London modeling agency spots her, and she learns that sometimes, standing out is where you belong.

When Geek Meets Fashion

Netflix is introducing a brand new teen series this week, Geek Girl. It’s based on the successful novels (for ages 12 and up) by Holly Smale, who drew from her experience as a young model to tell the tale of her 15-year-old heroine. The English author gives a light and humorous depiction of what goes on behind the scenes at fashion shows.

These elements are exactly what you’ll find in Geek Girl, where Smale serves as a writer. This low-budget series targets a younger audience but should also appeal to older viewers who grew up with films like The Princess Diaries (starring Anne Hathaway), which depicts a teen’s life transformation, or the series Ugly Betty, set in the fashion world.


To portray the nerdy heroine, Netflix has cast an up-and-coming talent: Emily Carey. The 21-year-old British actress shot to fame through the HBO series House of the Dragon, a Game of Thrones prequel about the Targaryens. She plays the young Alicent Hightower for nearly half of season 1, before being replaced by Olivia Cooke.

With 10 episodes lasting 30 minutes each, totaling just 5 hours of viewing, Geek Girl has all the ingredients to become a current hit on Netflix: a quirky heroine, fun, love and friendship stories… With the literary saga consisting of 6 volumes, the platform has a lot to work with for this new production. Could this be the start of a new and long journey for Emily Carey?

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