Netflix Shakes Up Grey’s Anatomy! Check Out Their First Medical Drama Series Now!

If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy or medical dramas in general, you’ll be thrilled to know that Netflix is working on its first major hospital series.

With its 19 seasons (and soon 20!) under its belt, Grey’s Anatomy is not only the most popular medical drama of the 2000s but also the longest-running, surpassing even ER. Despite the emergence of other hospital shows, Shonda Rhimes’ series remains unmatched in terms of viewership and fan base.

However, Netflix is set to break into this already saturated market by working on its first major medical drama. Will it rise to the ranks of Grey’s Anatomy and cast a shadow over it?

Netflix’s First Medical Drama

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has commissioned a new project called Pulse, which will be its first medical drama, combining drama and procedural elements. Created by Zoe Robyn (The Equalizer), this series takes place in Miami’s busiest level 1 trauma center.

The new series will feature a certain Dani Simms, a young emergency physician promoted to the position of chief resident while her love life is in shambles. Just like Grey’s Anatomy, Pulse appears to promise spectacular medical cases, touching personal dramas, and complicated love stories.

A Familiar Netflix Face in the Cast

While Dani’s actor has not yet been chosen, Pulse can already count on a familiar face from Netflix. In fact, Justina Machado, who starred in the successful series One Day at a Time on the platform, has been chosen to play Natalie Cruz, the head of the surgery department.


Justina Machado

The actress, winner of a SAG Award and two Imagen Awards, is also known for her roles in Six Feet Under, Private Practice, Jane the Virgin, and Superstore. The rest of the Pulse cast has not yet been revealed.

We will have to wait a while before we can discover this series, which will be overseen by Zoe Robyn and Carlton Cruse (screenwriter of Jack Ryan and Locke & Key and co-creator of the cult series Lost), who are serving as co-showrunners.

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