Rated 4.3/5: This Addictive Series Will Banish Your Boredom Forever!

Check out our 3 recommendations for family-friendly anime to watch during school breaks!

As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, let’s take advantage of the winter holidays to stay warm and cozy on the couch for some quality family viewing time.

Here are three perfect Japanese anime recommendations for viewers of all ages, available on your streaming platforms without the risk of stumbling upon content unsuitable for younger viewers!


A true classic in the genre of sports anime, Hajime no Ippo (also known as Ippo, the Challenger in France) follows the journey of a young teenager who learns boxing after being mocked by his classmates. His time spent helping his mother run her fishing shop has given him extraordinary physical abilities!

Not only a sports series, Hajime no Ippo also teaches life lessons and is an adaptation of a manga (published in France by Kurokawa) that has been in publication since 1989, with 135 volumes released to date! Before you start watching, note that the series is only available on the ADN platform in original version with subtitles.

Suitable for ages 10 and up

What they’ll love:

  • A hero who gets stronger with each episode
  • The engaging pace that leaves no room for boredom
  • The world of boxing, with explanations to understand all facets of the sport

What might scare them:

  • The intensity of the boxing fights and the violence of some punches
  • The locker room atmosphere of the series, and humor that can sometimes be crude
  • The bullying the hero endures at the start of the series (which motivates him to learn boxing)


An animated gem that arrived on Netflix in 2022, Kotaro Alone follows the adventures of the eponymous hero, a four-year-old boy left to fend for himself in an apartment. His neighbor, a broke manga artist decides to take him under his wing. A father-son relationship develops between these two characters who life has never spared.

A dramatic comedy with protagonists as endearing as they are original. Laughter, tears, tenderness, and valuable life lessons fill its ten episodes, making it one of the most touching anime released in recent years.

With an adorable main character who can compete with the cutest characters in Japanese animation, this is the perfect series to warm hearts!

Suitable for ages 10 and up

What they’ll love:

  • A little hero who is as resourceful and intelligent as he is cute and innocent
  • The sweet humor and its hilarious situations
  • The values of family, love, and sharing that are conveyed

What might scare them:

  • Dark themes like abandonment and grief
  • The hard and inevitable stages of life that are approached
  • A sweet yet bitter finale that might bring a few tears

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Nagatoro Hayase is a first-year high school student. She meets Naoto Hachioji, a shy young high school student who is the subject of mockery and comments from classmates.

Upon witnessing these mockeries, Nagatoro believes that this is what her senpai [senior] needs and starts teasing him. He ends up enjoying the company of this unique high school girl, the only person who notices him at this school.

The French title [Don’t Toy With Me, Nagatoro] has been criticized (you either love it or hate it), but when looking at the series as a whole, it seems appropriate as Nagatoro’s “bully” side quickly takes a back seat to wacky romantic comedy.

Suitable for ages 10 and up

What they’ll love:

  • The character of Nagatoro, who is mischievous, wacky, and incredibly endearing! She teases, flirts, and torments the hero, but she’s mostly adorable.
  • The anime’s pace is always high, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment. Each 20-minute episode is divided into two parts, always focused on Naoto “Senpai” and Nagatoro. Apart from them and the heroine’s friends, there are few characters, which makes the plot always readable and enjoyable to follow.
  • The anime is often hilarious but also very tender. The relationship between Nagatoro and Naoto is not simply about “bullying”, as some have suggested; it’s much more nuanced than that. In fact, the series denounces such bad behavior through absurd and provocative humor.

What might scare them:

  • The first two episodes might be off-putting due to Nagatoro’s “mean” behavior, but this feeling quickly fades as the series progresses.
  • Certain sensitive themes like school bullying.
  • The fast pace of some episodes can make the plot difficult to follow.

Check out the series in images:


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