Real Martha Found! The True Story Behind Netflix’s ‘My Little Reindeer’ Unveiled!

In a surprising turn of events, the real-life Martha, who inspired the Netflix series “My Little Reindeer,” has been discovered and interviewed by British journalist Piers Morgan. She denies all the events depicted in the show.

The controversy surrounding “My Little Reindeer” persists. A month after the series was released on Netflix, it seems the dispute is far from over. The drama series, created by actor Richard Gadd, presents a seven-episode tale of harassment that the creator experienced for years.

It all started with a simple gesture of offering a drink to a customer at the bar he was working at, a sign of kindness. What followed was a nightmare: 41,000 emails – an average of 35 per day -, 350 hours of voicemails, 106 pages of letters, and relentless physical harassment day and night.

Referred to as Martha in the series, the real woman has since been legally prohibited from approaching Richard Gadd. On social media, numerous users attempted to track down the actual protagonist.

Check out the full interview with the “real” Martha:

Controversial British journalist Piers Morgan decided to ride the wave of interest and located the real Martha, Fiona Harvey. The interview, uploaded in full on YouTube, amassed four million views in just a few hours.

The main subject, who admits she didn’t watch the series, denies all the accusations leveled against her. She accuses Richard Gadd of lying, stating that she never harassed him through emails. However, a few minutes later, she concedes that she sent a “handful” of them. Fiona Harvey contradicts herself on several occasions. She claims not to know his personal address before admitting she sent him a letter.

A Dangerous and Sensationalist Approach

“It’s a work of fiction, an exaggeration,” she declares, criticizing the series as “obscene” and “terrible.” She does concede that their encounter took place in a bar, as depicted in the series. She also reveals that the nickname “my little reindeer” was given to her after he shaved his head.

As portrayed in the Netflix show, Fiona Harvey explains that Richard Gadd offered to make her “climb the curtains,” which she took as a real proposition – while his comedian colleagues had taken his phone.

The sensationalist nature of such an interview could potentially endanger the main subject who has been receiving, since the release of the series, thousands of insults and death threats on social media. Fiona Harvey plans to file a lawsuit.

“My Little Reindeer” is available on Netflix.

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