Shocking: Beloved Simpson Character Vanishes Forever from the Show Since Day One!

One of the iconic characters from “The Simpsons,” who has been present since the very first episode of the show, has been killed off in the 35th season of this legendary series!

Warning, the following reveals a crucial detail from the 35th season of The Simpsons, soon to be aired on Disney+. If you wish to remain spoiler-free about its content, it’s strongly recommended that you stop reading this article now!

Episodes of The Simpsons are typically episodic, with the show seemingly rebooting after each episode. However, there is indeed a continuity thread that connects the 35 seasons and some major events remain embedded in the main storyline of the cartoon.

The death of Maude Flanders traumatized fans

Over the seasons, several iconic characters from the show have met their demise. This was the case for Maude Flanders, the wife of the Simpsons’ annoying neighbor, whose death was a real shock to fans of the series.

Mona Simpson, Homer’s mother, the saxophonist Murphy “Bleeding Gums”, and even the mobster Fat Tony are some of the most memorable characters who have also left us over the course of the 35 seasons.

An emotional and unexpected episode

A new name has been added to this list, and while it may not seem like a character of great importance at first glance, this character has been present since the very first episode of the show. Larry Dalrymple, also known as Larry the Barfly in the original version, a regular at Moe’s Tavern, has indeed met his end in the current season of The Simpsons.


Larry, a regular customer at Moe’s Tavern

This sudden departure led to a touching episode, with the other regular patrons of the Tavern attending his funeral. During the ceremony, Homer, Lenny, Carl, and Moe realized they knew nothing about Larry, despite countless drinks shared together. They were then forced to invent false memories to pay tribute to the one who considered them his “best friends”.

The first 34 seasons of The Simpsons are now available on Disney+; the 35th season, currently airing in the United States, will air in France at a yet unknown date.

Check out the list of series currently available on the platform!

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