Kevin Costner and Yellowstone Co-Star’s Shocking Role Reveal in Iconic Western!

Kevin Costner and another actor from the series “Yellowstone” both starred in a beloved western film from the 90s.

The popular series Yellowstone has not only recaptured the interest in western-themed series but also reunited two actors who starred in a classic film. Despite both appearing in the feature film Wyatt Earp (released in 1994), Kevin Costner and Ian Bohen had never acted together before Yellowstone.

Both portrayed Wyatt Earp!

Interestingly, both actors played the same character, the titular hero of Lawrence Kasdan’s western film. While Kevin Costner played the primary role in the film, Ian Bohen (who portrays cowboy Ryan in Yellowstone) only appears in a handful of flashback scenes as a young Wyatt Earp.

The series has brought them together on screen for the first time, even though their respective characters rarely interact with each other. Ian Bohen was not cast to portray a young John Dutton in Yellowstone, as that role was given to another actor (read our dedicated article).

Wyatt Earp marked Ian Bohen’s very first on-screen appearance. Since then, the American actor has featured in several successful series, notably Teen Wolf where he played the character of Peter Hale (a role he reprised in the Teen Wolf film, released in 2023).

A favorite actor

In 2011, Ian Bohen was cast in Vile, a small independent film that largely went unnoticed, directed by none other than… Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone! Since then, he has become a go-to actor for the American screenwriter, as evidenced by his appearances in Wind River and Sicario 2 (for which he wrote the script), and of course, in Yellowstone!

In a recent interview, Ian Bohen discussed the upcoming end of Yellowstone, promising that the series finale will be “the best ending in TV series history”. It’s also quite possible that his character Ryan will appear in the Yellowstone sequel titled 2024.

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