Tragic Loss! Gary Sinise’s Son, Mac, Loses Battle to Rare Bone Cancer – His Brave Fight Revealed!

In a tragic announcement on Tuesday, veterans advocate and actor Gary Sinise revealed the passing of his only son, McCanna “Mac” Sinise, after a prolonged battle with a rare form of bone cancer. The news was disclosed on the website of Sinise’s foundation.

“Our family, like any other enduring such loss, is devastated and we are doing our best to cope with this ordeal,” Sinise shared. “The pain of losing a child is something no parent should ever have to experience. My thoughts are with those who have suffered similar heartbreak and with everyone who has lost a loved one.”

Mac Sinise, who was 33, succumbed to chordoma, a rare cancer, on January 5th, as recounted by his father. Mac was diagnosed in August 2018, the same year his mother, Moira, discovered and received treatment for breast cancer. He underwent five spinal surgeries within a short span of less than two years, coupled with intensive radiation and chemotherapy treatments, stated Sinise.

“Chordoma is a cancer that affects one in a million,” Gary Sinise wrote on Tuesday, offering insight into the disease. “It originates in the spine, with an average of only 300 cases reported in the U.S. annually. In 70% of the instances, the initial tumor can be excised and the patient cured. However, in about 30% of the cases, which equates to roughly 90 people each year, the cancer reoccurs.”

A graduate of USC Thornton School of Music, Mac was a talented drummer and pianist. He occasionally played drums for his father’s Lt. Dan Band and had been serving the Gary Sinise Foundation since 2017. He stepped down in 2020 to concentrate on his recovery and rehabilitation between his fourth and fifth surgeries. In early 2023, he resumed working on a piece of music he had begun during his college years, his father revealed.

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“The cancer left him paralyzed from the chest down, but he still had some mobility in his right arm, and limited use of his left hand,” Sinise explained. “Being right-handed, he would attach a stylus to his right hand, allowing him to input letters and notes into his phone or iPad. He also had a small keyboard on his hospital bed table that he used to compose his music.”

Mac collaborated with members of his father’s band and a college friend, composer and arranger Oliver Schnee. Unable to play drums or piano, he taught himself to play the harmonica. The project expanded to include more songs and contributors, with recording sessions conducted in July at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, and in November at Blackbird Studio in Nashville.

However, in December, Sinise recounted, “We were forced to rush Mac to the emergency room for what turned out to be his last hospital visit. He was struggling to breathe and was admitted after being stabilized. I stayed with him, as I had done many times before. During the initial days, I hoped this was just another episode that we could manage and then return home. … But the situation worsened, and on January 5th, surrounded by family, he passed away.”

A funeral service for Mac Sinise was held on January 23.

The “CSI: NY” star also mentioned that the album “Mac Sinise: Resurrection & Revival” is nearing completion and will be available soon. The album can be preordered through his foundation’s store. In accordance with Mac’s wishes, the proceeds will be donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation, which is committed to supporting America’s “defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need,” the site adds.

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“Over the years, I have encountered many families of our fallen heroes. It’s heart-wrenching, and it’s simply unbearable. Our family’s battle with cancer lasted for 5½ years, and became increasingly difficult as time progressed,” Sinise expressed. “Though our hearts are heavy with his absence, we find solace in the fact that Mac is no longer suffering, and we are tremendously inspired by his resilience throughout this ordeal.

“He valiantly fought a relentless cancer with no known cure, but he never ceased trying.”

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