Rebel Wilson Bullied Over Book? Sacha Baron Cohen Fires Back in Shocking Response!

Sacha Baron Cohen, the actor known for his audacious “Borat” character, has retorted to the comments made by his former co-star from “Brothers Grimsby”, Rebel Wilson, who disclosed that an entire chapter in her soon-to-be-published memoir is dedicated to him.

Wilson has been generating curiosity about her upcoming book, “Rebel Rising,” through her social media posts. She hinted earlier this month in an Instagram video that “Rebel Rising” will unravel the reasons behind her “no jerks” rule in her Hollywood dealings. She also mentioned her past work experience with a “major jerk.” On a recent Sunday night, the “Bridesmaids” actress disclosed more than just the identity of this co-star.

“I refuse to be intimidated or muzzled by high-priced attorneys or PR crisis handlers,” she posted on her Instagram story. “The ‘jerk’ I refer to in ONE CHAPTER of my book is: Sacha Baron Cohen.”

While Wilson’s Instagram post didn’t provide further insights into her professional relationship with Cohen, 52, it did elicit a swift reply from the “Les Misérables” and “Brüno” actor the following Monday morning.

“While we acknowledge the significance of voicing one’s thoughts, these patently untrue allegations are starkly refuted by abundant detailed proof, encompassing contemporaneous documentation, video footage, and eyewitness accounts from those present before, during, and after the making of ‘The Brothers Grimsby,’” a spokesperson for Cohen stated in an official declaration forwarded to The Times on Monday.

In the 2016 film “The Brothers Grimsby” directed by Louis Leterrier, Wilson and Cohen played leading roles in the raunchy spy-comedy. Cohen portrayed the unintelligent brother of Mark Strong’s skilled MI6 agent, with Wilson playing the character of Cohen’s girlfriend in the movie.

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Prior to the release of “Rebel Rising,” Wilson had expressed unease about her experience while filming the comedy, which also had Cohen as one of its writers. In 2016, the Australian “Pitch Perfect” actress told Marie Claire U.K. that the film’s team wanted her character to be portrayed with “full-frontal nudity,” despite her contract explicitly forbidding such a depiction. She also reportedly mentioned during a 2014 radio show that Cohen had proposed a sexually explicit visual joke for the film.

According to Wilson, after she turned down his proposal, Cohen tried to persuade her again, purportedly saying, “Look, I’ll just pull down my pants, you just shove your finger up my rear end, it’ll be a hilarious bit,” as reported by Variety.

With her book “Rebel Rising,” Wilson, 44, delves deeper into aspects of her life such as her sexuality, her struggles with weight and fertility issues among other topics. The book’s description states: “This memoir teaches us to embrace self-love while making us laugh like crazy.”

“Rebel Rising” will be available in bookstores from April 2.

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