Shocking Reveal: Eden Brolin’s Famous Dad is ‘Mia’ Star in Yellowstone – Guess Who?

In “Yellowstone,” the character of Mia is played by Eden Brolin. In real life, this actress is the daughter of Josh Brolin, who is best known for his role as Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mia, a recurring character in Yellowstone since season 3, is a familiar face to fans of the show. This tough-as-nails character falls for the cowboy-in-training Jimmy, impressed by his rodeo riding skills. But after an accident convinces Jimmy to stop participating in rodeo riding, a distance starts to form between the two lovers.


Daughter of Thanos

While her character is familiar to viewers, many might not know who portrays Mia. Her name isn’t entirely unknown, as Eden Brolin is the daughter of Josh Brolin. Josh Brolin is a prominent actor in Marvel productions, most notably known for his role as Thanos in the Avengers movies.

Josh Brolin first gained recognition in the mid-80s with the success of The Goonies. Since then, he has built a strong filmography, appearing in films like No Country for Old Men, Sicario (written by the creator of Yellowstone), and more recently in the Dune series. He was also nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2009 for his role in Milk.

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