Shocking Truth Behind ‘Chicken for Linda!’ – A Missing Parent, Favorite Dish & A Bold Leap Forward!

Review: ‘Chicken for Linda!’ evokes a missing parent, a favorite dish and a bold way forward

Some recollections linger in our subconscious, awaiting a spark to bring them to the forefront. This spark can sometimes be a dish seasoned with potent nostalgia. This is the kind of unforgettable taste that the lively, exquisitely beautiful hand-drawn musical “Chicken for Linda!” delivers. Created by co-directors and life partners Sébastien Laudenbach and Chiara Malta, … Read more

Shocking! ‘Sasquatch Sunset’ Actors Transform into Wild, Shaggy Beasts – Must See!

Review: In ‘Sasquatch Sunset,’ actors go wild as shaggy beasts with a lifestyle of their own

Riley Keough, a renowned movie star, seemingly disappears into the wilderness of Humboldt County in the Zellner brothers’ extraordinary silent film, “Sasquatch Sunset”. This movie is an exceptional blend of a nature documentary, silent comedy, survivalist tragedy, and, from the perspective of its four Sasquatch protagonists, a terrifying alien encounter. Keough, along with her co-stars … Read more

Shocking Twist! Iconic Villain in ‘The People’s Joker’ Unveils Bold Trans Expression!

Review: In ‘The People’s Joker,’ an iconic villain is co-opted for sly trans expression

Viewers of Vera Drew’s quirky new film, “The People’s Joker,” are welcomed with an initial disclaimer explaining that the film is not designed to violate any known copyrights. The film’s logo later emphasizes this by branding Drew’s innovative portrayal of everyone’s beloved Batman antagonist as “a fair-use comic-book parody/trans autofiction.” Much like Drew’s fictional character, … Read more

Breaking News: Zellweger & Grant Back Together for 4th Epic ‘Bridget Jones’ Movie!

Renée Zellweger and Hugh Grant are reuniting for fourth ‘Bridget Jones’ movie

It’s official! The next installment of the popular “Bridget Jones’s Diary” film series has been greenlit, with stars Renée Zellweger and Hugh Grant confirmed to reprise their roles. Universal Pictures, in collaboration with UK-based Working Title Films, will be responsible for bringing the fourth chapter of this comedy franchise to life. This series, much-loved by … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix & Lady Gaga Star in Wild Musical Madness: ‘Joker 2’ Trailer Revealed!

‘Joker 2’ trailer: Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga lead twisted, musical fever dream

On Tuesday, Warner Bros. unveiled the initial trailer for “Joker: Folie à Deux,” featuring Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga. The preview was showcased during an event applauding its forthcoming film line-up at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Shortly after, the trailer was made available online. The approximately 2-minute sneak peek reveals Phoenix’s Joker and Gaga’s Harley … Read more

Shocking Revelation: ‘The Beast’ Uncovers the Raw Truth about Loneliness in LA & Beyond!

‘The Beast’ explores the heart of loneliness, in Los Angeles and beyond

A Multifaceted Journey Through Time “The Beast,” a richly layered film exploring themes of sci-fi, horror, romance, and drama, takes viewers on a journey through three distinct eras, revealing the pervasive loneliness and disconnection that characterize modern existence. Featuring Léa Seydoux and George MacKay, the narrative intertwines the lives of two characters, Gabrielle and Louis, … Read more

Billy Dee Williams Shockingly Supports Blackface in Acting: ‘You Should Do It’!

Billy Dee Williams approves actors using blackface for work: ‘Why not? You should do it’

Actor Billy Dee Williams has encouraged his colleagues to pursue any artistic approach they deem necessary for their craft, even if it includes putting on blackface. As the first African American actor to hold a key role in the extensive “Star Wars” series, Williams expressed his stance on the subject of non-black actors portraying black … Read more

Breaking: Jonathan Majors Escapes Jail! Ordered to Attend Domestic Violence Program After Ex-GF Attack!

Jonathan Majors avoids jail time in assault of ex-girlfriend, must attend domestic violence program

Jonathan Majors, well-regarded actor renowned for his roles in “Creed III” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” was handed a sentence of domestic violence counseling on Monday. This follows his conviction last year for assault and harassment of his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. Despite being on the brink of becoming a prominent villain in the … Read more

Shocking Revelation: ‘The First Omen’ Appeals to Diehards, but Bigger Nun Thrills Await Elsewhere!

Review: ‘The First Omen’ plays to the faithful, but more nun fun is to be had elsewhere

Despite its title, “The First Omen” is not the inaugural film of the “Omen” series (the original horror classic was launched in 1976), nor is it the first attempt to revamp the franchise (that happened in 2006). In fact, it’s not even the first film this season to deal with distressed nuns and eerie pregnancies; … Read more

Shocking Secrets Revealed: The Women Behind Prince Andrew’s Notorious Interview in ‘Scoop’

‘Scoop’ depicts Prince Andrew’s infamous interview. These were the women behind it

In 2019, the British royal, Prince Andrew, consented to an exclusive interview with Emily Maitlis for the BBC’s “Newsnight.” The dialogue turned out to be disastrous for the prince as he attempted to refute accusations of sexual misconduct with a 17-year-old girl trafficked by his friend, the infamous American financier and registered sex offender, Jeffrey … Read more